Heroes and Legends is the first Force Pack of the Echoes of the Force Cycle in Star Wars: The Card Game.

Publisher summary[]

The Heroes and Legends Force Pack begins an epic journey through the Echoes of the Force cycle, exploring the power of the Force and its impact and effects on the galaxy. As the Heroes and Legends Force Pack opens the cycle, you'll find Imperial forces working to complete the Dark Trooper Project and Imperial War Droids that can count their icons for the Force struggle without a Force card. At the same time, you'll find the bold intelligence agents of the Rebel Alliance and independent smugglers and spies slicing in to sabotage the operation. Meanwhile, on the planet Ruusan, Jedi and Imperial Inquisitors clash over the power of the Force nexus hidden inside the Valley of the Jedi.

In the Echoes of the Force cycle, Star Wars: The Card Game experiences dramatic changes taking shape as both sides learn to better channel the power of the Force. Its balance has implications that reach far beyond damaging dark side objectives or advancing the Death Star dial. The Living Force binds all things, and it may soon permeate every part of your decks, drawing strength from the new cards included in Heroes and Legends and other Force Packs from Echoes of the Force.

Card list[]

157. Twist of Fate
169. Heat of Battle
496. Heroes and Legends
497. Kyle Katarn
498. Ataru Training
499. Rahn's Guidance
500. Echoes of the Force
501. Forward Reconnaissance
502. Jan Ors
503. Intel Operative
504. Safe House
505. The False Report
506. Aquaris Freeholders
507. Clearing House

An asteroid field chase

508. Outmaneuver
509. Slicing In
510. Scouring the Empire
511. Jerec
512. Imperial Inquisitor
513. Force Storm
515. The Dark Trooper Project
516. General Mohc
517. Phase I Dark Trooper
518. Experimental Tech Lab
536. Echoes of the Force

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