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You may be looking for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode with the same title.

"Heroes on Both Sides" is a 20-page comic in the digest-sized Clone Wars Adventures comic series. Heroes on Both Sides was published April 12, 2006 by Dark Horse Comics in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5. The comic was written by Chris Avellone, illustrated by Stewart McKenny, lettered by Michael David Thomas, and colored by Dan Jackson. Set during the Clone Wars, Heroes on Both Sides tells the story of an clone Advanced Recon Commando and a Viidaav commander, on opposite sides during the Battle of Viidaav, but both trying to stop a detonation sequence that would kill both of their troops.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Above Viidaav, Count Dooku and General Grievous discuss their plans for the coming trap. Instructing the droids on the ground to activate the detonation sequence, Grievous also mentions that the Viidaav colonists should be left to live on in history. The signal is transmitted to the mining array, and is soon detected by both the Republic and Viidaav forces. Both rushing to stop the detonation, the two groups rush towards the same goal. Fighting gunships, battle droids, and security systems, only the two commanders are left in the end. Facing each other with only seconds before detonation, the fatal shot is fired and the Viidaav leader is dead, but not before he shoots the computer. The planet is saved, but not by the clone trooper, but by the Viidaav he shot.

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