Herogga was a Hutt with a male personality who was one of the few members of his species to attempt to gain control of Tatooine's criminal operations during the era of the New Republic. He arrived on the desert world some eighteen years after the Battle of Endor with the knowledge that the planet was under the control of the New Republic and the Whiphid Lady Valarian. Herogga recognized potential to build upon the successes of Jabba Desilijic Tiure and see Hutt domination of the desert world. He began operations on the planet through the money and help of the Crystal Moon Mos Entha restaurant, a legitimate business which Herogga used as a front for his own criminal activities. He saw potential in the upstart con artist Andi Tolen, who became one of his best bounty hunters. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Hutt Space, Hutts from all over fled to Tatooine. Herogga began to begin his plans to destroy Valarian and control the planet. In order to steady his position, Herogga planned to take over Jabba's former fortress and empire.


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