"You may close your ears to the whispers of fate, my prince, but they cannot be silenced."
―Heskal, to Prince Arcann[src]

Heskal was a Human Male[4] from the planet Zakuul[1] who was the leader of the Scions of Zakuul, a subgroup of the Knights of Zakuul that specialized in Force visions and were obsessed with the idea of fate.


In 3637 BBY, Heskal approached Prince Arcann in the corridor leading to the Eternal Throne room as the prince was bringing his two captives, Darth Marr and the Outlander, to meet his father. Arcann mocked Heskal for his belief that a catastrophe that the Scions foresaw was coming to the Eternal Empire. Heskal stated that though he did not want to hear it, fate could not be silenced. Arcann thus threatened Heskal and ordered him to take his superstitions aside.[4]

After Emperor Arcann ordered the massacre of the Scions around the time of his ascension to the throne of the Eternal Empire, Heskal, still leading the Scions, was among the few Scions who escaped the purge and settled in an enclave on the shadowport Asylum.[5] In 3632 BBY,[2] Heskal summoned the figure known as the Outlander to Asylum and tested the foreigner to determine why they could not see the Outlander's future. Growing frustrated with his lack of foresight, Heskal outright attacked the Outlander but was ultimately defeated. The situation was about to escalate as the Outlander's companions arrived and ordered the Scions to stand down, which they did. After questioning what future the Outlander had for the galaxy after Arcann and his Eternal Fleet are defeated, Heskal then realized that the anomaly that blinded the Scions to the future was that Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor, had survived within the Outlander's mind. He then stated that their duel showed him a glimpse of the future; the Outlander would destroy the Eternal Throne but not without heavy loss of life.[5]

The Scions promised their loyalty to the Outlander, but Heskal later betrayed the Scions and the Outlander to Arcann and drew him to Asylum, as his visions led him to believe it was necessary to force a confrontation. Arcann killed Heskal's followers and wounded him just before the Outlander's arrival, sparking the Battle of Asylum. During the battle, the wounded Heskal was dragged away from the battle by the Knights but his escort party was beaten by the Outlander. With his dying breath, Heskal stated that forcing a confrontation with Arcann was necessary and stated that the surviving Scions would remain the Outlander's allies, who would return when it was their time to die. He vaguely stated that he had foreseen the future and it was glorious in his eyes. He died soon afterwards.[3]


Heskal was a firm believer of fate and destiny, believing no one could escape from it nor exist outside its influence. His fanaticism led him to reveal the location of Asylum to Arcann.

Behind the scenesEdit

Heskal appears in Chapter I: The Hunt, Chapter VI: Asylum and Chapter VIII: Taking Flight in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, a 2015, a Digital Expansion to the Video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The player can choose to execute the dying Heskal for dark side points, or denounce him for his action. Heskal died regardless of the choice. Following the completion of Chapter VIII, the player will receive a posthumous message from Heskal. Its contents will vary depending on the player's interactions with him.


Notes and referencesEdit

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