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"I am General Hesker, Imperial Guard. Darth Decimus sent us to assist."

Hesker was a male Human general of the Imperial Guard of the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War.


General Hesker was a brilliant field tactician, an accomplished pilot and virtually unstoppable in battle. He first saw military action as a young man during the Sacking of Coruscant; assigned to the first wave of shuttles to land on the surface, his squad was intended for a diversionary role to draw initial Republic fire. But Hesker refused to be used as mere blaster fodder. Instead, he led his team in a furious assault that broke the Republic lines and transformed the battle into an Imperial rout.

He quickly gained recognition inside both the Imperial military and the Imperial Guard, and his deeds since have firmly established his reputation as one of the Empire's greatest military heroes. During the Cold War, Hesker become the head of the Imperial Guard stationed on Corellia during the Battle of Corellia and during the Galactic War he was also in command during the Republic retaking of the planet when he was defeated by an individual aligned with the Republic.

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