"Tell me, Commander, how would you feel if I were to tell you that most Chiss I've met have been arrogant and condescending."
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Commander Hess'irolia'nuruodo, also known by her core name Irolia, was a Chiss military officer.

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"As an officer of the Expansionary Defense Force, I believe it is my duty to ensure the safety and security of the Chiss realm. That directive, as you are well aware, supersedes all others."
Commander Irolia[src]

In 28 ABY, Irolia was in command of the Chiss frigate that intercepted the Jade Shadow during its mission to the Unknown Regions, and escorted it to Csilla. To the eyes of Luke Skywalker, she seemed no older than his niece Jaina, then twenty years old—she may even have been younger.

Irolia claimed to be an officer of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, but instead of the predominantly black jumpsuits of most CEDF officers, she wore a burgundy uniform with black flashes, a color-scheme previously only seen among troops from Grand Admiral Thrawn's rogue Household Phalanx. Also, her ship was escorted by Nssis-class Clawcraft, hybrid TIE-series starfighters that had previously only been seen in combat with House Phalanx forces.

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