Hestia Tarleton was a resident of the planet Lothal. A human female, she bore more than a passing resemblance to Merei Spanjaf, another human female of the planet, though Jix Hekyl considered her to be "not as pretty." When Spanjaf got into trouble for slicing, resulting in an investigation that might eventually lead to her, Hekyl bought her time by replacing her picture with that of Tarleton's in the records of the Vocational School for Institutional Security, such that it would be impossible for a witness to identify Spanjaf.[1]

Spanjaf had intended for Hekyl to switch the photos back, but he never did. When the Empire closed in on her for her criminal activities, they arrested Tarleton instead, but it was not long before they figured out that they had the wrong individual and released Tarleton.[3]

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