Hestizo Trace, also called Zo, was a Human female and a member of the Jedi Agricultural Corps during the Cold War.


While at the Marfa agricultural labs, she was kidnapped by Whiphid bounty hunter Tulkh, who was hired by Darth Scabrous, to retrieve the Murakami orchid and bring it to Odacer-Faustin. Hestizo had a connection to this orchid and thus could not venture too far away from it, otherwise the plant would wilt. She managed to escape with the orchid after Scabrous used a chemical from it to engineer an immortality formula. The drawback of the formula was that it ravaged the body until there was nothing left but a cannibalistic monstrosity, which quickly spread throughout the academy. Allying herself with Tulkh, Hestizo convinced the orchid to grow the pieces of itself within the zombies to stop them, only to exhaust the orchid. However, Scabrous used the Neti librarian, Dail'Liss, to lure Hestizo to the library by mimicking the voice of the orchid which was still alive amidst the infection known as the Sickness. Hestizo was alone after she and Tulkh had parted ways, so she made for the library in search of her only remaining ally. Caught in his trap, Scabrous strapped Hestizo down on a sacrificial altar, ready to cut out her heart with a traditional Sith sword and become forever immortal.

Hestizo was able to free herself from Scabrous's sacrifice, but before Scabrous could outright kill her, Hestizo's brother, Rojo, arrived and briefly dueled the Sith Lord. Scabrous prevailed and killed Rojo, but Hestizo was able to kill him by telepathically convincing the orchid to sprout itself outward from his head, severely weakening him. She was then able to finish off Scabrous, now a complete zombie, using his own Sith sword against him. Hestizo managed to escape infection from the remaining Sith zombies when Tulkh's ship, the Mirocaw, piloted by Sith Academy mechanic Pergus Frode, flew in to save her. After evading the academy's perimeter defenses, Scabrous' HK droid managed to manipulate the turbolasers into destroying the control tower instead of the Mirocaw, taking with it all the zombies.

Even then, Hestizo found that the Sickness still had a chance of infecting the rest of the galaxy. Tulkh had become infected and chained himself up against a detachable wall in his ship when he felt the Sickness begin to take over. Tulkh asked Hestizo to open up the wall he chained himself to so that he would be blown out into the vacuum of space. Before she could do so, Rance Lussk, an infected apprentice from the academy who had stowed away on the Mirocaw, revealed himself. He attacked, but Hestizo was able to avoid his lunge, throwing him toward Tulkh and releasing the bulkhead, ejecting Tulkh and Lussk into space. With the final infected dead, Hestizo rested assured that the Sickness was over.

Hestizo returned to Marfa where a new black orchid was waiting for her care. However, she instead decided to return to Coruscant where she could resume her Jedi studies.

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