Heurkea Floating City was a floating city on Mon Calamari's southern territorial zone.


Heurkea was a city where Mon Calamari and Quarren came together to live in harmony. Along with Kee-Piru, it took much of the World Devastator damage during the Battle of Calamari, resulting in a minimum of tens of thousands of deaths. Later rebuilt, Ackbar moved to the city after retiring.

Rangers vs stormtroopers

Rangers and Asaak Dan fight to secure the docks in preparation for evacuation.

When the New Republic relocated to Mon Calamari following the Battle of Coruscant, Heurkea was where the Senate was located. It contained Berth 5B, and was near Mester Reef.

In 137 ABY, the whole of Dac was infected with viral spores by Vul Isen as part of the Final Protocol, the culmination of the Genocide on Dac, which would eliminate all life within seven days. Heurkea was captured by the Mon Calamari Rangers, a resistance movement against the Sith Empire, to serve as base for the evacuation organized by Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant.



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