Hex missiles were projectile missiles containing a special warhead armed with the chemical weapon Trihexalon, also known as Dragon's Breath. Captain Cavik Toth of Sabaoth Squadron deployed Hex missiles against the natives of Maramere prior to the Clone Wars.

Captain Toth had Hex weapons forged in the foundry on Nod Kartha, and ordered Lieutenant Bella to test them against the Point Modie settlement on Maramere.

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Hex missiles rained down upon the island from orbit, though fortunately for the Mere inhabitants, Jedi Master Adi Gallia, in her Delta-7 starfighter, was able to destroy them before they reached Point Modie. Her pirate ally Nym later led the strike force that destroyed the factory on Nod Kartha.

With his last reserves of Hex missiles, Toth launched an attack on the Galactic Republic forces fighting on Geonosis, sending Hex Deployers and bombers towards the surface. Once more, Master Gallia was able to intercept and destroy all missiles launched at Geonosis, before eliminating Toth and his flagship.

Behind the scenes[]

Destroying all Hex missiles is not necessary for victory in the missions in which these weapons appear in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.


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