The Hidden Beks were one of the more reputable and well liked swoop gangs established in the Lower City of the planet Taris led by Gadon Thek. During the Mandalorian Wars the Beks joined the Taris Resistance against the Mandalorians, but were forced to retreat down to the Undercity of Taris.

The Hidden Beks faced increased pressure from one of the rival gangs, the Black Vulkars, when former gang member Brejik, joined the Vulkars, and turned the gang rivalry into a war waged on Lower City streets which claimed many lives. Former Jedi Knight and Sith Lord, Revan, encountered the Hidden Beks in 3956 BBY and they formed an alliance to end the war in the Beks favor and rescue the young Jedi Bastila Shan from the Vulkars. Along with Revan, the Hidden Beks were victorious in a swoop race against the Vulkars and Revan recovered Bastila and killed the defiant Brejik.


Mandalorian WarsEdit

Since 3976 BBY the Beks had been at war with the Vulkars, in which they used Swoop Racing as a compedition for their rivalry. In the year 3964 BBY the Hidden Beks were a known gang operating out of the Lower City on the planet Taris led by Gadon Thek. During the Siege of Taris in 3963 BBY, during the Mandalorian Wars, the Beks launched counterattacks against the Mandalorian invaders and the fugitive crime lord Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph joined to help lead resistance. Gryph's companion, Jedi Padawan fugitive, Zayne Carrick later joined the Beks on Taris, although the gang remained wary of the Zayne since he was the declared orchestrator of the Padawan Massacre on Taris. However, Zayne proved himself trustworthy when he absolved the Hidden Beks of kidnapping the children of Noana Sowrs, the top law enforcement official on Taris. The Beks now believed they could be trusted to join the Taris Resistance lead by officials they used to be at odds against as a gang. However, their first meeting was interrupted when a member of the resistance, Shel Jelavan, fired on Zayne, but Gadon believed there was no way Zayne would murder kids and defended Zayne. The different parties resolved their differences for the time being and together planned an counter attack against the Mandalorian invasion leader, Cassus Fett, at the Jedi Tower. However, the Mandalorians discovered the plot and launched their own ambush. The surviving Beks hid in the Undercity of Taris in order to escape further attacks.

Post-Mandalorian WarsEdit

At some time during the next seven years, Gadon Thek, was blinded in a swoop accident, at which point he was expected to step down and relinquish leadership to his adopted son Brejik. When he didn't, Brejik took revenge by taking over a rival swoop gang, the Black Vulkars, and was joined by several renegade Beks.

Jedi Civil WarEdit

When amnesiac former Sith Lord Revan arrived on Taris during the Jedi Civil War, Brejik had stolen a swoop accelerator from the Beks and planned to use it in the up coming Tarisian Season Opener swoop race. Revan was asked by Gadon to steal it back. After raiding the Vulkar facility, Revan brought it back to the Hidden Bek Base, and used it in a swoop race to win the freedom of Bastila Shan.[1]


The Beks were known for their stance against galactic slavery and were very loyal to the Galactic Republic.

While not a full Bek because of her age like her brother, Mission Vao was a loyal ally of the Beks.[1]


The Hidden Bek base



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