The Hidden Temple was an ancient outpost built on the planet of Arkinnea by the Jedi Order around the middle of the Old Republic. Over centuries of disuse, it fell into disrepair and was abandoned. After the Great Jedi Purge began, the temple was reconstructed by Jedi Master K'Kruhk and a group of younglings. It was used for years as a shelter for Jedi who sought refuge during the Great Jedi Purge and became a subject of rumors among the Jedi survivors scattered around the galaxy.


Built on the world of Arkinnea around the middle of the Old Republic by the Jedi Order, the temple later was abandoned by the Order and fell into disuse. Centuries later, the Galactic Republic was dismantled and reformed into the Galactic Empire, an act that also nearly destroyed the Jedi Order with the implementation of Order 66. During the Great Jedi Purge that followed, some Jedi managed to escape the wrath of the Empire, among them being Jedi Masters Zao and K'Kruhk, a Padawan named Chase Piru and a group of younglings.

When the Jedi's ship crashed on Arkinnea, they were quickly taken for part of the ever-expanding flood of war refugees and placed into camps along with thousands of other beings. While the camps were crowded and unhealthy, they seemed to be on the path to a better life, until the Jedi discovered that the local security forces didn't want refugees on their world. The world was also being watched by Imperials under the command of Officer Teron, doubling the danger for the Jedi. Soon, it was discovered that the militia, guided by Captain Relik, were actually massacring the refugees by dumping them over a canyon where they would fall to their deaths.

When Relik and the others found out that the Jedi had discovered their secret, K'Kruhk distracted them while the rest of the Jedi tried to make their escape. Regardless, the others were hunted down by Relik's cohorts until they encountered a native sentient species, the Yunu. The militia members then attacked both groups; Zao deflected their blaster bolts with his lightstaff then hefted a boulder into the air and held them at bay. Soon, they escaped the militia, while K'Kruhk encountered the Imperial officer Teron, who revealed that he didn't believe the Emperor's lies about the Jedi. He told the Whiphid that while he didn't make much in the way of salary, he would try to provide the Jedi with whatever they needed, and return each spring with supplies.

The Jedi, along with their new allies, the Yunu, rebuilt the temple and the surrounding structures, struggling through their first winter but thriving afterward. Though Zao disappeared while tracking a runaway from the group, over the years the younglings grew into strong padawans under K'Kruhk's tutelage and the Jedi managed to live safely for a long time, a rarity under the Galactic Empire. Over time, the temple became a subject of rumors among other Jedi survivors scattered around the galaxy. Decades later, the temple was abandoned once more with the construction of the New Jedi Order.

A second Hidden Temple was secretly constructed to be a refuge for the Jedi during and after the Sith–Imperial War.



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