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"Good to know the temple's still here, though. All the smallest younglings made it here even if so many of the Knights and Masters didn't. Most of those who survived still haven't a clue, I bet."
―"Bantha" Rawk[2]

The Hidden Temple was a secret refuge made from the remnants of various starships over the years; for the Jedi during and after the Sith–Imperial War. The original Hidden Temple was in operation following the Great Jedi Purge, and was abandoned sometime before the Massacre at Ossus.


The Mynock approaches the Temple.

With the start of the Sith–Imperial War, the Jedi High Council ordered the creation of a new Hidden Temple as a secret haven for the Jedi in case of another attempt at extermination by the Reborn Galactic Empire. Having remembered the lesson of the Clone Wars and Order 66, its location, the planet Taivas in the Zhar system, was picked by Nat Skywalker and left a closely guarded secret. Establishing the Temple, Skywalker turned it over to the Jedi Council for use when they saw need to occupy it.

Many Jedi had found refuge there when Cade Skywalker visited the Temple in 137 ABY; Cade would meet with the surviving members of the Jedi High Council on this trip. Skywalker was unwittingly followed by a group of Imperial Knights, who had found its location, hoping to persuade the Council to join forces with Roan Fel. While they were permitted to remain at the Temple for the duration of the Council's deliberations, their request was turned down and they were asked to leave. During Cade Skywalker's stay, his friend Jariah Syn attacked Master Rasi Tuum, the Jedi responsible for his father's death.


The Hidden Temple was constructed out of several different antique starships turned upright in a pool of water and connected by bridges. The ships utilized in its construction include multiple CR90 corvettes, an Imperial Immobilizer 418 cruiser, at least one Nebulon-B escort frigate, a Recusant-class light destroyer, an Assault Frigate Mark I, a CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle, a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser, and what appeared to be a Home One type Star Cruiser. Following the rise of Darth Krayt, the Sith assumed the Jedi had a hidden fleet, which was apparently the intention of the Temple's structure.[1]

Amidst the towering ships, a broad plaza led to the High Council chamber, a round room with three seats for the members of the Jedi Council that managed to make their way to the Temple. Scattered off of the ships that made up the Temple were meditation gardens which allowed quiet places where the exiled Jedi could be amongst more natural settings. Meditation Garden Orenth was one of these gardens that could be found there.

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