This article is about the Kobarian swamp dog. You may be looking for the Imperial engineer Esteren Higgs.
"Higgsie! Sit this instant!"
―Pelf Pachoola[src]

Higgs, also known to his owner Pelf Pachoola as Higgsie, was a male Kobarian swamp dog who was born during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. After the Wroonian heiress Pelf Pachoola became engaged, her aristocrat father Fume Pachoola give Higgs and another swamp dog, "Twiggs" to Pelf and her fiancé as both a wedding present and as part of his daughter's dowry. The bride-to-be came to adore the pair, doting on them as if they were her children, and she put them to use as show dogs. Pelf and Fume later undertook on a cruise aboard the Salin Excursions luxury liner Salin Mariner, and the two swamp dogs accompanied them on the voyage. During the trip, the Pachoolas and their two dogs encountered the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who was masquerading as a successful businessman under the alias "Rondo Rosada," as part of a scheme to kidnap several wealthy passengers. After staging an explosion aboard the ship, Ohnaka convinced the Pachoolas to enter an escape pod along with their two dogs, and the pirate subsequently held them as hostages on the planet Florrum. However, the venture proved to be a financial disaster for Ohnaka, and during their captivity the dogs consumed 10 kilos of food a day, yet he was unable to secure a ransom for the Pachoolas' freedom to cover the cost of feeding their pets. Twiggs, Higgs and their owners eventually regained their freedom after Ohnaka and his gang forced a passing delivery freighter to take the captives off their hands.


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