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The High-Altitude Entry Transport-221, also known as the HAET-221 gunboat, the HAET-221 or the Republic assault gunboat, was a military repulsorlift gunboat/dropship manufactured by the Mekuun Corporation for use by the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic's clone forces.


The clone trooper-operated[1] High-Altitude Entry Transport-221 gunboat[2] was a sleek repulsorcraft 17.2 meters long and armed with antipersonnel blasters and a larger anti-vehicle laser cannon. Used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, the short-range ship was launched from low orbit and reached its target destination through the use of powerful positional rockets. Once it entered the atmosphere, the craft burned through its high-energy shielding system as it deflected reentry heat.[1]

To help it reach its landing site, the ship was equipped with a sophisticated targeting array that quickly mapped a planet's topographical features.[1]

Once the vessel entered the lower atmosphere, repulsorlift units were activated, providing the ship with impressive flight capabilities but insufficient thrust to re-achieve orbit. The HAET-221 usually flew at a low altitude of several meters, although it was capable of reaching a height of several kilometers.[1]


Gunboat on Utupau

The Republic assault gunboat's main function was to serve as a ground-level speeder that used its weapons to combat Separatist forces.[2] However, the ship's mapping system and searchlight also allowed it to operate in reconnaissance and search missions, of which the HAET-221 could perform at varying heights.[1]


HAET-221s were used as patrol craft during the Republic's battle against Confederacy forces on the Outer Rim planet of Utapau.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Early concept art of the gunboat

The HAET-221 was a ship developed for the final film in the Prequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The vessel was originally developed as a 1,800 meter long capital ship to be used by the Confederacy during the Battle of Coruscant. However, it switched sides to the Republic, becoming known as the GGA support ship, or the "Good Guy A" support ship. It then switched back to the Separatists before switching allegiances one last time, being scaled down, repainted, and modified to become a speeder-sized clone vehicle in the scenes on Utapau.[1]



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