"Fie upon you, foul feathery fiend--in the name of justice, let this planet be cleansed of such filth as you and your brethren!"
Don-Wan Kihotay[src]

High-hounds (derogatorily called Man-hawks, Stone-faces, or Birdies) were a species of birdlike scavengers native to Aduba-3. They resembled large birds of prey, but had almost Humanlike heads. They had compound eyes, containing many facets which served different purposes. The center facets made out colors and shapes, while the outside facets detected movement. They were omnivorous, getting their moisture from plants and protein from meat. They were known to chase Humans, scavenge corpses, and even eat other high-hounds.

High-hounds spent their lives constantly migrating, following rain-fronts. Their arrival served as both a blessing and a curse to farmers. While it meant that the rainy season had arrived, it also meant that much of their maze-stalk crop could be lost to the scavengers. As a result, many farmers would build effigies to burn at the corners of their fields to frighten them off.

Han Solo once rescued Merri from a high-hound.



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