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High Chunah was a planet on the Corellian Trade Spine in the Javin sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Once an outlying colony world of the Mugaari species, High Chunah became a profitable speeder-manufacturing planet once the Galactic Republic capitalized on the region's economic potential. High Chunah was best known for the phosphorescent rocks littering its surface, which gave the planet an unusual green glow when seen from space.


The planet High Chunah was located in the High Chunah system of the Javin sector, within the Greater Javin region of the Outer Rim Territories'[1] Western Reaches.[2] It was the last Rimward stop on the Corellian Trade Spine hyperlane before entering the Anoat sector.[1]

High Chunah was best known for the phosphorescent rocks that littered its surface.[3] They shined a pale green for up to six hours after sunset,[1] which gave the planet a strange glow when viewed from space.[3]


High Chunah was originally an outlying colony world of the sentient Mugaari species, who ruled over a semi-independent domain of eleven star systems, known as Mugaari Space, for thousands of years while remaining suspicious of the Galactic Republic. By Republic standards, Mugaari territory was considered then a part of Wild Space, an imperfectly surveyed galactic frontier visited only by scouts and the most daring traders.[1]

A millennium before the Galactic Civil War, Republic traders ventured into the frontier from the endpoint of the Corellian Trade Spine at the planet Javin, lured by two other nearby alien civilizations, the Lutrillians and Nothoiins. The traders reached the outer Mugaari worlds of Aztubek, High Chunah, and beyond, but they could not make contact with these other species without giving up much of their profits to the Mugaari.[1]

Following a brief, one-sided war between the Republic and the Mugaari, the Republic established the Javin sector over the former holdings of Mugaari Space and turned the Greater Javin region into an economic powerhouse. High Chunah itself became a profitable speeder-manufacturing planet.[1]


One of the worlds colonized by the Mugaari,[3] High Chunah developed into an industrial planet following Republic expansion into the region.[1]


Much of High Chunah's landmass was covered with factories.[3] The planet became noted for its speeder-manufacturing sector,[2] which produced many of the Greater Javin's landspeeders.[3]

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High Chunah was created for "Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin," a 2004 online supplement for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game.[1]


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