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"Red Flight, High Flight Squadron, call 'em as you see 'em."
―General Wedge Antilles, during the Battle of Adumar[3]

High Flight Squadron was a unit of New Republic X-wings assigned to the Quasar Fire-class carrier Battle Dog during the Zsinj campaign in 7 ABY. The squadron's insignia was that of an X-wing flying over a mountain peak. The squadron flew in a strike group under Commander Wedge Antilles when attacking Warlord Zsinj's flagship, Iron Fist, at the Battle of Selaggis. Years later, while assigned to the Star Destroyer Allegiance, the squadron fought in the Battle of Adumar, protecting the planet from conquest by the Galactic Empire.


"This is High Flight Three. I'm hit by debris. Experiencing engine shutdown."
―High Flight Three, during the Battle of Selaggis[2]

High Flight Squadron was a New Republic Starfighter Command X-wing unit. It was assigned[2] to the Quasar Fire-class carrier Battle Dog[1] during the campaign to find the rogue Warlord Zsinj[2] in 7 ABY,[4] as part of General Han Solo's fleet. During one of the fleet's engagements during the hunt, the Battle of Selaggis, Commander Wedge Antilles of the New Republic's Rogue Squadron led a task force of the fleet's starfighters, including High Flight Squadron, into battle to attack Zsinj's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist, which was trapped in the Selaggis system due to sabotage by the double agent Lara Notsil.[2]

Antilles and the forces advanced into the ring field surrounding the planet Selaggis VI. High Flight and Corsair Squadrons were ordered to proceed spinward of the planet to find the enemy warship while Rogue and Wraith Squadrons flew counter-spinward. Shadow and Polearm Squadrons were to proceed on scouting runs. Once they spotted Iron Fist in the asteroid field, the New Republic forces set up their attack, but Myn Donos, Wraith Three, ordered them to break off the ambush, suspecting a trap. During the ensuing maneuvers, Iron Fist fired on the asteroids to create a debris shield. High Flight Three was hit by debris and was forced to shut down while Shadow Twelve was killed. After protracted fighting that saw heavy New Republic starfighter casualties, Zsinj fled from Solo's fleet, fooling the New Republic forces into thinking they had destroyed his Super Star Destroyer by employing a sensor-blocking nightcloak system and the decoy ship Second Death.[2]

In 13 ABY,[4] High Flight Squadron was aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Allegiance when now-General Antilles negotiated with the people of the planet Adumar for their entry into the New Republic. During the subsequent Battle of Adumar, when the Galactic Empire tried to subjugate the system, Antilles led a total of 106 starfighters into the conflict. High Flight Squadron was included in the forward screen with three other units, while the remainder were held in reserve. As Antilles cleared the pilots for individual actions, High Flight Twelve reported the approach of Imperial starfighters. During the combat, one of the High Flight pilots was killed. The battle ended with a victory for the New Republic and Adumari Union alliance after the Imperials suffered heavy losses and the lead Star Destroyer, Agonizer, took considerable damage.[3]


High Flight Squadron flew[2] the Incom[5] T-65 X-wing starfighter.[2] The unit's insignia featured a single X-wing flying above a mountain peak. By the time of the Battle of Adumar, General Antilles reflected that they were a veteran unit that had seen numerous instances of combat.[3]

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High Flight Squadron appears in Aaron Allston's 1999 novels, X-Wing: Solo Command[2] and X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar.[3] The squadron also has an entry in the 2008 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[1] The latter X-Wing novel features a pilot with the call sign High Flight Beta. Although the information is unclear as to whether it is a separate squadron,[3] the Encyclopedia treats the two High Flight Squadrons as separate units.[6]



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