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High Port was a sprawling orbital city located in geosynchronous orbit over the city of Harnaidan on the planet Muunilinst. A resilient skyhook extended from the towers of Harnaidan to tether the station in place and allow for cheap travel up from the planet's surface.

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The station served as a spaceport catering to alien races wishing to do business with the Muuns and the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The view did much to impress such visitors. Muunilinst turned slowly below, displaying its beautiful white and gray cloud patterns, while gleaming spacecraft flitted to and fro amidst the glittering stars. Richer and higher caste Muuns sometimes took up residence here, provided they could afford it. The station was made up of two major spherical space modules, one devoted to living quarters and hotel accommodation, the other to commercial enterprises, stores, and vaults. The residential sphere also contained the High Garden, an impressive and restful setting featuring local and galactic plant life. A ring of smaller spheres, called "the Hub," surrounded the larger two. Among the smaller spheres were the IGBC stardock, the mooring station and repair facilities, a separate sphere housing the power reactor, and a special sphere constructed during the Galactic Civil War at the behest of the Galactic Empire to house Imperial monitors. The Muuns resented the presence of the monitors, but continued to fund the Empire.

During the waning days of the Galactic Republic, High Port served as a meeting point for ambitious merchants and politicians scheming for a piece of the profits of the growing Separatist movement. The Muuns found it to their advantage to cater to diverse alien tastes, including Humans, Hutts, and Herglics. Order was maintained by the Iotran Guard for most of Muunilinst's history. After the fall of the Republic, Imperials disbanded the Iotran Guard and took over security and most of the High Port's operations.

As tensions rose, the Muuns invested in Golan space defense platforms and later upgraded to include Golan III Space Defense NovaGuns. Leadership made sure that two of these daunting platforms were visible to visitors at High Port.

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