Highroller was a SoroSuub Corporation Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 owned by K'Armyn Viraxo.


The Pleasure Yacht Highroller comes under attack from the Otana at Destreg II.

As part of the ongoing feud between their rival families, the Viraxo-owned Highroller was destroyed in a skirmish at Destreg II by the brothers Emon and Ace Azzameen in revenge for the deaths of their father Tomaas Azzameen and elder brother Galin Azzameen.

The Azzameen brothers had been led to believe that K'Armyn Viraxo himself was to have been aboard at the time of their ambush. However, news of their plan had reached K'Armyn's ears, and he used the opportunity to lay an ambush of his own. When the Azzameens began their attack, the yacht was only lightly defended by a small number of R-41 Starchasers. Once the duo had initiated combat, the Viraxo forces were reinforced by some Muurian transports and more starfighters. Nonetheless, the Azzameen family prevailed and the Highroller was reduced to flaming debris.

Highroller Wheel

The ship's wheel from the destroyed Pleasure Yacht Highroller.

As a trophy, Ace Azzameen salvaged the ornamental ship's wheel, and replaced the Viraxo crest with that of the Azzameen one.



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