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The Hijacking of Shipment 1037 happened in 0 ABY, when an Alliance to Restore the Republic group of two CR90 corvettes and thirty-six BTL Y-wing starfighters—led by the privateer EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit—targeted Shipment 1037, a convoy of Imperial-aligned transports. Occurring in the Ringali Shell region of the Core Worlds, the Alliance group captured the convoy, as well as the Imperial Navy's EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate New Star, which was guarding the convoy.


In 0 ABY,[4] at the time of the Galactic Civil War between a rebel group known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire, the crew of the Imperial Navy's EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit mutinied from under Imperial control. The Far Orbit, under the helm of Captain Dhas Fenoep Vedij after the mutiny, went on to become a privateer vessel for the Alliance and, under the disguise of an Imperial ship, started targeting Imperial-aligned shipping transports in the Ringali Shell, a region near the Core Worlds that contained the Bormea and Darpa sectors.[3]

The frigate encountered Red Star Shipping Lines' Transport A-175, captained by Joh Steen, near the planet Nopces Prime, and when the Far Orbit's crew carried out a fake Imperial inspection of the transport, the privateers discovered that the transport was destined to rendezvous with a convoy, Shipment 1037, that was headed for the Outer Rim Territories in three days' time. Seeing the convoy as a prime target, the crew of the frigate planned to hijack the shipment en route after accompanying Transport A-175 to the convoy, and managed to convince the Alliance to send reinforcements—composed of thirty-six BTL Y-wing starfighters and two CR90 corvettes—to assist the Far Orbit.[3]

Under the guise of an Imperial frigate come to help guard the convoy, the Far Orbit joined up with the twelve medium transports and their escort frigate, the New Star, which was commanded by Captain Miech Conar. The officers of the Far Orbit also changed the course of the convoy to a new destination, after convincing the convoy and its guard that they were linking up with a larger escort force, as a plot had been discovered to intercept the transports.[3]

The capture[]

When the convoy reached the new destination the Far Orbit had set, the Alliance task force of Y-wings and CR90 corvettes stationed there helped the Far Orbit attempt to subdue the convoy and its escort, which had a starfighter complement of a dozen TIE/LN starfighters. In the end, the Far Orbit and the Alliance managed to capture the entire convoy as well as the New Star.[3]


The Far Orbit with the captured convoy

After capturing the convoy, which was carrying over 180,000 tons of mixed cargoes, the entire profit for the Alliance and the Far Orbit was 340 million credits. In addition, the convoy carried enough food supplies to restock the frigate, so the Far Orbit sacrificed AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png18 million of the frigate's portion of the profits to acquire the supplies. As the Far Orbit had captured the New Star intact with her officers and crew, the privateers were awarded AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png3 million.[3] The Far Orbit then went on to capture Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv near the planet Esseles.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Hijacking of Shipment 1037 first appeared the adventure scenario The Hijacking of Shipment 1037, which was published in The Far Orbit Project, by Timothy S. O'Brien. The book was a supplement to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and was a sequel of sorts to the previous publication, Pirates & Privateers, carrying on that book's theme by following the Far Orbit's adventures.[3]

In the adventure scenario, the capture of the convoy can be played out many different ways. First of all, A-175 can be raided by the crew of the Far Orbit or accompanied by the frigate to the convoy under the guise of an Imperial escort. However, it is highly recommended by the adventure scenario that the Far Orbit accompanies A-175 to the convoy, so this article takes that course. If the players fail to think of taking the convoy after raiding A-175, Vedij, who, for the most part, is controlled by the adventure's presiding gamemaster, suggests the idea. During the battle, the Far Orbit can only target the New Star in order to capture it if the players do not manage to convince the Alliance to help them, or the players can try to take as many transports as possible without the Alliance's help. Additionally, the players can even decide to not have the Far Orbit try for the convoy.[3]

In the event that the Far Orbit has Alliance help and the players do not spring the trap, Vedij does so by default and turns the Far Orbit and attempts to destroy the New Star. If the players manage to capture the New Star undamaged with its crew intact, the Alliance awards them AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png3 million, and AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png2 million if the frigate is captured seriously damaged. In the event that the New Star is destroyed, AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png1 million is awarded, while the Far Orbit gets nothing if it escapes. This article assumes that the Far Orbit fulfilled the mission in the best way possible. It is unclear which assortment of ships made up Shipment 1037, as one picture in the adventure scenario has them all as Mobquet medium transports, while another has them as GR-75 medium transports and other freighters.[3]


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