This article is about the astronomical object in Hijoian Space. You may be looking for the similarly-named planet Hilo, situated in the Hilo sector.

"Say there's a pyromaniac on the loose. A Glottalphib who […] uses a flame-sprayer to spit fire. So this sleemo is wanted for arson by the owner of a featherbed factory on Hijo."
―Arack Dostryt, the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook[3]

Hijo was an astronomical object[3] located in the Hijoian system, a part of the Expansion Region's Hijoian Space.[1] By 12 ABY, it fell within the territory controlled by the New Republic.[4]

When composing a section for an edition of the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook published[3] at some point between 19 BBY and 0 BBY,[5] Arack Dostryt, the Director of Recruiting for the Bounty Hunters' Guild, described a hypothetical example meant to illustrate the fact that bounty hunters could collect multiple posted bounties for the same captured individual.[3]

In the example story, a featherbed factory was situated on Hijo. The owner of the factory had posted a bounty on a Glottalphib pyromaniac, who had committed arson. The Glottalphib escaped capture on Hijo, but eventually became wanted in other locations of the galaxy.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Hijo was introduced via map label in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, which placed it in grid square J-8.[2] In 2013, Hijo was established as a distinct astronomical object by the book The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, which was authored by Wallace, Fry, and Ryder Windham.[3]

Although that book only mentioned Hijo in a hypothetical example in an in-universe document,[3] Fry has stated that the star systems listed in Appendix section of The Essential Atlas are named after the most prominent planets or celestial bodies located in those systems.[6] This article therefore considers the Hijoian system to be named in accordance with the astronomical object Hijo, which is assumed to have existed in the Star Wars galaxy independently of its in-universe description in the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook.


Notes and references[]

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