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"The hill people are exiles who opposed the monarchy and gathered in the rough mountain terrain outside the capital city to live outside its laws. They recognize no king or queen. They are rumored to be ferocious, unfriendly. They never stay in one place for long. They raise their own food and have their own healers. They are rarely seen by outsiders. Yet they are greatly feared and hated."
Queen Veda[src]

The hill people were humanoids from the planet Gala, one of three races of Galacians. Becoming a distinct race over a century before the Invasion of Naboo, the hill people were persecuted for having darker eyes than the so-called typical Galacian. Having fled the capital, Galu, they made dwellings in the low mountains outside the city. Not until Queen Veda of the Beju-Tallah dynasty decreed in 44 BBY that a democratic election would choose her successor did the hill people re-assimilate. Elan, the leader of the hill people, was discovered to be the first child and heir of the former King Cana. Deciding to support Wila Prammi as opposed to running herself, Elan, along with the hill people, chose to remain in the mountains after the election, although they began building a better relationship with the citizens of Galu.

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