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"Oh yeah, I've heard of Moff Darcc."
―Han Solo[src]

An ambitious Human male, Hindane Darcc was an Imperial officer, captain, governor, and later Moff. Around 19 BBY, the Imperial served under the command of Moff Wilhuff Tarkin aboard his flagship Executrix. After his assignment aboard the Star Destroyer, Darcc was transferred to the forest planet of Kashyyyk. There, he rose through the ranks of Imperial rule, eventually becoming governor of the planet.

After Emperor Palpatine perished during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, resulting in the Empire's subsequent disarray, Darcc used the vast Imperial resources at hand on Kashyyyk, as well as his position as planetary governor, to proclaim himself Moff of the Mytaranor sector. Ruling from Kashyyyk inside his Palace, Darcc formed alliances with the Trandoshan slaver Pekt and the traitorous Wookiee Weebacca in an effort to rid the planet Kashyyyk of its native sentient species, the arboreal Wookiees.

Moff Darcc's rule over Kashyyyk worried Wookiee chieftain Attichitcuk, who contacted his son, Chewbacca, in an effort to petition the burgeoning New Republic. Chewbacca, together with Han Solo, responded personally after the New Republic proved unable to assist. Once made aware of Darcc's intentions, Chewbacca formed an army, joining several Wookiee villages, in an effort to liberate the planet. Though Darcc tried to defeat the growing resistance, the Wookiees forced the Moff to flee the planet with Pekt and take refuge within a fortress on the Avatar Orbital Platform above Kashyyyk. Pursuing the Moff and bolstered by a collection of New Republic forces, Chewbacca's army overwhelmed the Imperial defenses, killing Darcc and destroying the orbital station.

Biography[edit | edit source]

On the Executrix[edit | edit source]

By the termination of the Clone Wars, the Human male Hindane Darcc was an Imperial officer and captain in the Imperial Navy. He was assigned to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's flagship, the Star Destroyer Executrix, where Darcc was responsible for meeting leading Imperial figures at Tarkin's request, along with commanding troopers. In 19 BBY, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader was requested to meet with Moff Tarkin by Emperor Palpatine, stationed above the planet Kashyyyk, home of the native Wookiee species. Darcc met the Dark Lord, and led him to the ship's captain.[3]

The Darcc times[edit | edit source]

"The Empire's definitely here all right."
―Han Solo[src]

Darcc stands alert.

Eventually, Darcc was reassigned from captaining the Executrix to serve planetside on Kashyyyk. He rose through the ranks to become governor of the planet. Once word of Emperor Palpatine's demise aboard the second Death Star, of which was stationed above the forest moon of the planet Endor, along with a pivotal Rebel Alliance victory, Darcc claimed complete control of Kashyyyk. Due to his position of power, as well as control of the Imperial technology located on the planet, Darcc proclaimed himself Moff of the Mytaranor sector. The new Moff established a Palace in his Imperial garrison, not far from the villages of Ittummi and Chenachochan, in which he ruled the planet.[2]

However, his plans for Kashyyyk did not include the presence of the Wookiees. Forming a pact with Trandoshan slaver Pekt, Darcc instructed him and his hired Trandoshans to remove entire villages of Wookiees. With Imperial assistance, the captured Wookiees would be transported off-planet, where they would either be sold into slavery or killed, skinned, and sold for their pelts. Darcc also made an alliance with the Wookiee Weebacca, who agreed to help Darcc and Pekt in selling Weebacca's fellow species. Weebacca was able to use his status as a Wookiee to trick others and allow Pekt's slavers easy captures.[2]

Authority challenged[edit | edit source]

"No sign of Darcc. I'll wager that's him and Pekt in that transport."
―Han Solo, upon sighting Darcc's shuttle leaving the planet — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Darcc and Pekt escape Kashyyyk with a cargo hold full of Wookiees.

Attichitcuk, a chief of one of Kashyyyk's many Wookiee villages, became distressed at the increasing presence of Imperial troops, as well as the simultaneous disappearance of several Wookiee villages. Around 4 ABY,[1] he called upon his son Chewbacca, who was involved with the New Republic—a burgeoning government formed from the Rebel Alliance dedicated to fighting the remnants of the Empire—by association with New Republic General Han Solo. Informed of the Wookiees' plight, Chewbacca attempted to bring the matter before the leading members of the New Republic. When they turned down his petition, the Wookiee left for Kashyyyk with Solo in tow, in order to find out the extent of the problem first-hand.[2]

Once they landed, Solo and Chewbacca encountered the first of Moff Darcc's Imperial troops as well as Pekt's Trandoshan slavers. They also spotted Weebacca, taking on an encampment on his own. At the command of Darcc, Weebacca infiltrated the party, assisting where he could, including defending against an attempt to halt the creation of the Government Tree by Darcc's and Pekt's individual forces. Weebacca fulfilled his mission when he led Chewbacca's forces into a trap engineered at Okikuti, though the party managed to escape and ventured closer to Darcc's base. Darcc, meanwhile, continued his quest to remove the presence of the natives. Working together with Bossk, a retired Trandoshan bounty hunter, Darcc managed to strike and capture another tribe of Wookiee villagers.[2]

After Chewbacca's army, now a sizable team of warriors, destroyed the three Imperial signal jammers blocking communications from leaving the planet, Solo relayed a mission to the New Republic, alerting them to the Empire's actions on Kashyyyk. However, as there was no way of knowing if they had received the message or not, Chewbacca decided that the only way to end the slavery of his fellow Wookiees was to challenge Moff Darcc himself. Holed up in his Palace, Darcc's armies and his Trandoshan allies prepared for the oncoming invasion. However, the Wookiee force proved even more powerful than Darcc expected, and Chewbacca and his allies pushed through the defenses of the Imperial garrison. Not long after, Darcc's own Palace came under Wookiee siege, and was eventually demolished.[2]

Control terminated[edit | edit source]

"It looks like your ticket has been punched."
―Han Solo, commenting on the deaths of Darcc and Pekt[src]

Darcc and Pekt lie dead in the ruins of the Avatar Orbital Platform fortress.

Darcc escaped the destruction of his Palace through a secret passageway. Meeting with Pekt, Darcc attempted to escape the planet with as many slaves as possible. Weebacca was expected to join the two in the hidden Lambda-class T-4a shuttle; however he was intercepted and killed by Chewbacca. The delay caused by the fight with Weebacca allowed the Moff and the Trandoshan to escape the planet, their shuttle's cargo hold filled with enslaved Wookiees. Chewbacca, determined to end the threat once and for all, commanded his forces to follow the transport that was destined for the space station Avatar Orbital Platform, a large shipping center specializing in slave dealings.[2]

Darcc and Pekt took refuge within a fortress on the Avatar platform. There, the two waited and coordinated attacks on Chewbacca's landing party. The timely arrival of Rogue Squadron, led by Luke Skywalker, and the Millennium Falcon, piloted by Lando Calrissian, increased the pressure on Moff Darcc. Eventually, the combined efforts of the airborne aid and the ground-based attacks proved to be too much for the fortress, and both Darcc and Pekt were forced to evacuate the building. However, the Moff and slaver were soon after killed and his remains were obliterated after the destruction of the facility, caused by combined strikes from the Wookiees, Rogue Squadron, and the Falcon.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"…a real unsavory character. We're going to need to watch out for him."
―Han Solo, commenting on Darcc[src]

Darcc was an extremely ambitious man with a desire for power. Given the proper resources, Darcc was able to use situations to rise in rank, gaining favor with his peers, until another opportunity arose where he could further increase his standing.[3] When given the opportunity, he did not hesitate to proclaim ownership over something, specifically the planet Kashyyyk. With his position of power, Darcc would build extravagant structures for his own use.[2]

Darcc also saw the necessity of forming alliances; in order to remove the native Wookiees from the planet, he relied on the Trandoshan Pekt for assistance. Weebacca the Wookiee was also allied with the Imperials during Darcc's reign as Moff, even though the Wookiee species was in fact Darcc's target for elimination from the planet. Still, he considered these alliances disposable, as he made no effort to aid Weebacca when he came under attack; Darcc instead focused on his own escape.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Darcc first appeared in the 2001 real-time strategy video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, where he served as one of the main antagonists for the Wookiee campaign. Players were often tasked in the later missions to follow a trail leading to an eventual confrontation with the Moff, including bouts through his Imperial garrison and a trip into space, until his final doom on Avatar Orbital Platform.[2] Later, Darcc was given a mention in the James Luceno-written book Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, as an officer and captain serving under Wilhuff Tarkin, then a Moff. In the book, Darcc welcomes Vader, and escorts the Sith Lord to Tarkin.[3] Though Hindane Darcc was relegated to Star Wars Legends after The Walt Disney Company acquired the Star Wars brand,[4] his service to Tarkin aboard the Executrix re-entered canon after a mention in the 2016 book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide.[5]

Star Wars Galaxies offers a chance for players to participate in the destruction of Avatar Orbital Platform.[6] However, the timeline for this event contradicts the canon established by Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, as Darcc's rise to the title of Moff only occurs after the Battle of Endor and Emperor Palpatine's demise,[2] and Galaxies occurs before this battle. It is possible that the Avatar Platform the player destroys in Galaxies was a different platform completely, or a precursor to the Avatar Orbital Platform Moff Darcc controlled; no official explanation has been given.[6]

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