"Masters, I am struggling with this -- Roan Fel still commanded the Empire when it struck at Ossus. Yet we are looking to be his friend?"

Hira was a female Jedi Master during the Second Imperial Civil War. She wielded a yellow-bladed lightsaber.



Hira is killed.

"Master Hira!"
Shado Vao, upon witnessing Hira's death[src]

Following the loss of the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant and the Massacre at Ossus, Hira went into hiding. She was later present during the peace talks on Agamar between the New Jedi Order and Emperor Roan Fel seven years later in 137 ABY, alongside K'Kruhk, Rasi Tuum, and Shado Vao. She was unsure as to why they were attempting to form an alliance with the man who nearly wiped out the Jedi Order, but K'Kruhk pointed out that Marasiah Fel had revealed that the attack was actually against the Emperor's orders. During the following Sith Imperial ambush codenamed Operation: Thunderstroke, Master Hira fought alongside her fellow Jedi and the Imperial Knights to defend Roan Fel from warriors of the One Sith. She was killed by an unidentified Nautolan Sith Lord, who electrocuted her with Force lightning.

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Powers and abilitiesEdit

Hira was a skilled Jedi, ascending to the position of Jedi Master. She was able to survive the near extermination of her order for seven years before finally being killed in battle against a Sith Lord.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hira was created by John Ostrander and appeared in the third and forth issues of the comic book series Star Wars: Legacy, the final parts of the Monster arc. She only appears at the Agamar peace talks, where she was killed.


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