"This is Captain Zataire of the Lawbringer. I offer my sincerest apologies, Agent Kallus."
―Zataire, to Kallus[src]

Hiram Zataire was a male human who served as a captain in the naval forces of the Galactic Empire. Zataire had a wife, who stayed married to him despite his frequent absences due to long assignments. The captain owned a couple of large plantations on Naboo, including a vineyard that was run by his eldest daughter. Zataire's youngest daughter had joined the Imperial Military like her father, and served as a lieutenant aboard the Devastator, the flagship of Lord Tion. The captain's son, however, did not share his family's political beliefs, and was critical of the New Order. Despite that, Zataire still loved him and would do anything to ensure his safety.[1]

Around fourteen years after the establishment of the Empire, Zataire was at the helm of the Lawbringer, an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that remained in orbit of Lothal to ensure that planet's protection. That year, Zataire received the unexpected visit of Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. While Kallus did not question the captain's loyalty to the Empire, he still used his knowledge of Zataire's rebellious son to make him feel uncomfortable and ensure his full cooperation. As ordered, the captain had the Lawbringer descend through the atmosphere of Lothal to hover over Capital City, as part of Kallus' mission to destroy the Spectres.[1]

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