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"There is a planet in the Outer Rim, Hissrich, which is of particular interest to our endeavors. We are sending units there for a "harvesting" mission. We would like you to oversee it."
―General Grievous, to AD-W4[src]

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems sent a large unit of battle droids to the Outer Rim planet Hissrich.[3] The droid unit included several regiments,[4] and was led by the droid mercenary AD-W4, who had been hired by the Supreme Commander of the Droid Army General Grievous, to oversee the operation. The main purpose of the unit was for the unit's harvesters to harvest Hissrich's plant life,[3] so that the energy from it could be used. The droids from the unit fought against Jedi Master Mace Windu and his squad.[4]

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