A-wing fighters carry out a hit-and-fade run against an Imperial ship.

Hit-and-hype raiding (also called hit-and-fade) was a pilot slang term for hit-and-run raids, a refinement of the operational doctrine of space denial that was used throughout the history of the Rebel Alliance up to and beyond the Battle of Endor. The Galactic Empire later adopted an unconventional variation of hit-and-fade operations with Star Destroyers.


This tactic was extremely effective in harassing an enemy capital ship in conjunction with the Nova Flare strategy. This tactic prompted the ship's captain to launch their TIE/LN starfighters, which took time to recover, delaying and even denying the capital ship the ability to pursue.

A downside to this strategy was that it was very demanding on the pilots undertaking these raids, as well as their starfighters. Prolonged use of this tactic was physically and mentally challenging, but as was the case during the Bacta War, it ultimately proved to be worthwhile.


During the Bacta War, ex-members of Rogue Squadron developed the tactic of entering a system where a bacta convoy was assembled, letting off a few torpedoes, then re-entering hyperspace. This was done in an attempt to force Ysanne Isard to allocate more resources to the defense of the bacta convoys, thus putting more strain on her ability to keep her monopoly on the Bacta Cartel.

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn employed Star Destroyers in hit-and-fade operations to great effect during his campaign against the New Republic.



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