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This article is about a specific virus. For more uses of virus, see virus.

Hive viruses were highly contagious viruses.


Prior to the Clone Wars, the virus was fairly common. They were characterized by a dormancy period followed by mass activation, mediated by unknown means. The Jurrinex6 strain was intentionally designed by biological terrorists. After the Clone Wars, medical technology flourished, and this type of virus was virtually wiped out from the galaxy.

One of the most virulent strains of hive virus attacked the mental centers of the brain, altering perceptions. Individuals were driven mad in a relatively short span of time.

This strain was actually the cause of the loss of the Katana fleet. Part of the crew picked up a hive virus at one of their ports of call on their maiden voyage and the virus quickly spread among the entire fleet while dormant. When it became active, all the crew were struck at once. The crew of the command ship survived long enough to slave the ships together and jump to hyperspace along with the Katana Fleet.

An incurable strain of hive virus was deployed on the planet Firrerre by the Galactic Empire's elite Starcrash Brigade under orders from the Procurator of Justice Hethrir. The virus quickly wiped out all life on the planet in the space of a few days by eating through the bodies of its victims while they were still alive. To prevent the virus from spreading offworld, the planet was quarantined. Hethrir himself was a Firrerreo who had ordered this atrocity to prove his unquestionable loyalty to the humanocentric Imperial leadership.



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