"L-listen, Triple-Ze—Master… that's the pride and joy of the Tarkin Initiative. It's one of the biggest archives ever built, okay?"
―Aphra describes the station to 0-0-0[src]

Hivebase-1 was a space station used by the Tarkin Initiative of the Galactic Empire. It acted as both one of the largest archives ever constructed and the gravity anchor for a swarm of one billion acid larvae. To approach the station clearance codes were needed. Data recovered from the Techno Union, including the memories of the 0-0-0 personality matrix, were stored on Hivebase-1 by the Empire, and following the Battle of Yavin, 0-0-0 ordered Doctor Chelli Aphra and a team of mercenaries to recover his memories from the station.[1] It was ultimately destroyed after Aphra tricked the Imperials into detonating the exploding Tookas she released onto the station.[2]

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