Ho'Din-style veggie omelets were a type of food that was served as a breakfast dish at Dex's Diner sometime before the restaurant was destroyed during the Galactic Empire's first two years. Made in the style of the Ho'Din species, the veggie omelet was sold at the diner as a Pantoran Plate Special that cost 5.5 credits.


A type of food, Ho'Din-style veggie omelets were a dish that was eaten for breakfast. The omelets were made in the style of the Ho'Din,[1] a nature-loving species native to the planet Moltok who were known in the galaxy as master botanists.[3] Members of the Besalisk species could eat the veggie omelets.[2]


Ho'Din-style veggie omelets were one of many foods that the Besalisk Dexter Jettster encountered and enjoyed at some point during his life, of which he spent years traveling the galaxy. Eventually, Jettster started a restaurant named Dex's Diner in CoCo Town on the planet Coruscant, where he served the omelets at some point prior[1] to the diner's destruction during the first two years of the Galactic Empire.[4] Jettster served the Ho'Din-style veggie omelets as the number five breakfast Pantoran Plate Special for 5.5 credits each.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Ho'Din-style veggie omelet was mentioned in "Dining at Dex's," a 2009 StarWars.com Hyperspace-exclusive article written by Gregory Walker in the form of an in-universe menu for Dex's Diner. The omelet only received a brief mention as part of a list of breakfast dishes that were served at Dex's Diner as Pantoran Plate Specials. While the Gartro egg omelet, the menu's basic omelet, was stated to be made primarily out of eggs, there was no information given about whether the Ho'Din-style veggie omelet contained eggs. It was also unclear from the limited information given whether the omelet was a vegetarian food or if the omelets merely contained vegetables.[1]


Notes and references[]

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