"He loves to gamble, though. All our meetings with him have been aboard the Coral Vanda, usually across gaming tables. The staff there seemed to know him quite well, though the way he was throwing money around, that may not mean anything. Croupiers always get to know the losers quickly."
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Hoffner was a smuggler who worked for Jorj Car'das alongside Talon Karrde.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 6 BBY, while serving on one of Car'das's vessels, Karrde and Hoffner fled a pair of Carrack-class light cruisers by making a blind hyperspace jump. By sheer coincidence, the jump landed them in the midst of the legendary Katana fleet. Karrde and Hoffner both initially believed that the Dreadnaughts were another Imperial patrol, and quickly made another jump to escape. Afterward, each man realized the true significance of what they had seen, and filed away the navigation coordinates of the fleet.

Later, Hoffner recovered and restored six of the Katana fleet ships and sold them to General Garm Bel Iblis, not revealing to his buyer where he had found the ships. In 9 ABY, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian tried to meet Hoffner at the Coral Vanda casino on Pantolomin. Niles Ferrier, however, had already caught Hoffner and delivered him to Grand Admiral Thrawn, whom Hoffner later gave the coordinates of the Katana fleet. The speed with which he did so led Karrde to speculate that Hoffner was not tortured, but rather provided with a "large infusion of cash."

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