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Hogan Tinmar was a male Human who served as sergeant of the Royal Naboo Security Forces during the waning years of the Republic Classic era. He served Senator Padmé Amidala as an airspeeder driver on Coruscant during the Clone Wars.


Around 32 BBY, Tinmar was active on Naboo during the Trade Federation's invasion. He was present with the group where Queen Padmé Amidala asked Boss Nass to help in their conflict against the Trade Federation.

In 21 BBY, he transported Amidala to the apartment of Senator Christo, with senator Onaconda Farr not far behind. while he was waiting for her outside, the bounty hunter Robonino distracted him with the motor noise from his speeder bike, and drove away. Just a split-second later he was attacked by the bounty hunter Chata Hyoki and somehow incapacitated.

Later in the war, he relocated back to Naboo and became one of Queen Neeyutnee's guards. He accompanied the queen to greet Senator Amidala when she arrived on her homeworld at the beginning of the skirmish between the Naboo and an alliance between the Gungans and Separatists. He also accompanied the queen during a prisoner exchange, releasing General Grievous back to the Confederacy who in turn released Anakin Skywalker.



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