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This article is about the planet. You may be looking for Hok Daragon, the father of Gav and Jori.

Hok was a planet located in the Colonies. The planet was split into two sides. One side was the desert wasteland that looked like Tatooine, while the other half was surrounded by pure darkness. This area also had a rich supply of crystals on which the people mined and traded.

It was established as a Gran colony in 1000 BBY during an expansion period. However, the emigrating colonists left a significant imbalance in Gran society on their homeworld of Kinyen. Feeling they were destroying too many families, and diluting the Gran race, the government reacted with isolationist policies and prohibited unauthorized emigration from Kinyen and limited offworlders to special alien quarters in their cities.

This protected the Gran society, but it also isolated the Gran on Hok and Malastare who had begun to form strong bonds to their new homes. The Gran colonies continued independently, continuing the strong social bonds of Gran society but with loosened social codes. The looser social codes allowed for more corruption in the upper levels of colonial Gran society.

The famed Gran Podracer pilot Mawhonic was a native of this world.

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