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There were many holidays in the galaxy.



Tapani sector holidays[]

  • Expansion Week came just before the upper class Capital Season. It fell between the months of Selona and Telona.
  • Harvest Day was first observed by the original settlers of the sector. The exact origins of the holiday are have been lost over time, but it was believed that the settlers traditionally commemorated the time of harvesting their crops on this day. In later years, it was simply a day off from work. Harvest Day fell between the months of Yelona and Relona on the Tapani local calendar.
  • Productivity Day fell between the months of Nelona and Helona.
  • Tapani Day was held annually just after the month of Kelona, and before the month of Selona.
  • Shelova Week was a traditional Herglic holiday that celebrated commerce and family, two things which are interrelated to the Herglic race. Shelova Week was a time to exchange gifts, make new business alliances, discuss trade arrangements, and spend time with family members. As the Human population of Tapani Sector began interacting with the Herglics, they too began celebrating the holiday, although many Humans simply take vacation instead of also developing business partnerships. On the Tapani local calendar, Shelova Week fell between the months of Helona and Melona.
  • Winter Fete was a holiday which originally marked the winter equinox on the planet Pelagon. The settlers there were the first to celebrate Winter Fete, and when they began settling other planets in the sector, the holiday went with them. Over time, the holiday was modified to coincide with Coruscant's Fete Week. In the Galactic Civil War–era Tapani local calendar, Winter Fete fell on the very last week of the year, following the month of Welona.
  • Independence Week in the Freeworlds Territory within Tapani sector was from 10th of Relona through the 15th. It celebrated the Freeworlds separation from the Expanse.

Other Holidays[]

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