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Hollan D1 sector was near the Greater Plooriod Cluster.[2] It hosted an Imperial supply depot.

After Overlord Ghorin, Supreme governor of the Greater Plooriod Cluster double crossed them, the Rebel Alliance took revenge on him by using his BTL Y-wing starfighters to destroy the depot. The aim was to bring shortage to Imperial foodstuff, discredit Ghorin and present him as a traitor to the Empire.

The depot was guarded by the frigate Sentinel, but the Star Cruiser Cathleen arrived and with the fire from her turbolasers, drove the SD away to facilitate the attack. As a result, a group of BFF-1 bulk freighters called Figii that were carrying grain were destroyed.

Following the Battle of Endor, the Hollan D1 sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.[1]



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