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HoloNet News — Rodia Supply Lanes Attacked by Pirates, released on November 20, 2008, is the second installment in an online HoloNet News podcast series written to accompany the development of The Clone Wars television series. It featured a news report on pirates attacking Rodia.


Rule Davenbay: And now a Republic HoloNet News update! Dateline Coruscant. Piracy attacks on Rodia confirmed. This is Rule Davenbay. The extended absence of Senator Onaconda Farr and the Rodian delegation from the Galactic Senate was confirmed to be caused by piracy today. The Rodian homeworld of Rodia was hit hard by pirate attacks that raided food and aid shipments. A registered transport pilot, Mowan Mowadon, supplied the senate with sensor logs that verified previous claims and thus cancelled the need for an independent commission to ascertain the truth of Rodia's situation. Mowan Mowadon, licensed transport operator.

Mowan Mowadon: Oh, it was definitely pirates. I saw the Blazing Claw symbol on the marauder ships myself and barely escaped with my hull in one piece. I know the war's spreading to the Outer Rim, but we need to get patrols back in the Mid-Rim to keep these planets safe, too.

Rule Davenbay: Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth, who had previously suggested that the Rodian delegation's absence was strictly a political move, was not available for comment. This has been a Republic HoloNet News Update.

- End Transcript:



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