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"Beyond this door lies the Holocron Vault. The holocrons contain the most closely guarded secrets of the Jedi Order."
―Master Jocasta Nu, to Ahsoka Tano[1]

The Holocron Vault was an archive chamber within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, home of the Jedi Order's holocrons, storage devices which held a powerful library of knowledge.


Master Yoda stands at the vault's entrance.

The Holocron Vault held the Order's holocrons under the watchful eye of the Chief Librarian.[1]

During the Clone Wars, the bounty hunter Cad Bane was hired by Darth Sidious to sneak away one of the precious holocrons. Bane killed the Jedi Master Ord Enisence and then employed a bounty hunter, the Clawdite Cato Parasitti, to take on the form of Enisence in order to sneak Bane into the Temple Archives. He was successful in distracting his Jedi pursuers and claimed the holocron, leaving Parasitti behind to be captured by the Jedi.[1]


"Can we go inside?"
"Oh, I'm afraid not, my dear. I haven't been inside myself for years. Only members of the Jedi Council are allowed access."
―Ahsoka Tano asking Jocastu Nu about entering the Holocron Vault[1]

The Holocron Vault was found along the outer edges of the Archives' Second and Fourth Halls, shielded by a pair of dilating security doors. A circular hallway between the two contained security lasers which could detect movement and if they did, sound an alarm. Official access to the Vault was only allowed to the twelve Jedi Masters with seats on the Jedi Council, who could activate the lock using the Force. The holocrons lit the circular chamber of Vault with a faint blue glow and a pillar held these artifacts of knowledge.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Holocron Vault first appeared in The Clone Wars: The Holocron Heist, a novel based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, but now considered part of the continuity of Star Wars Legends and not canon. They appeared in official canon in "Holocron Heist," on which the novel was based.

A planned, but ultimately unfinished episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars featured Darth Sidious attempting to break into the Holocron Vault, only to be hindered by Ahsoka Tano.[2]



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