"The process of creating a Holocron cannot be rushed. The adjustments to the matrix must be made with precision and care."
―The gatekeeper of Belia Darzu's holocron[src]

The Holocron of Belia Darzu was a Sith holocron created by Belia Darzu, a Dark Lord of the Sith who reigned during the last quarter of the New Sith Wars. A four-sided pyramidal device, the holocron contained Lord Darzu's knowledge of the dark side, particularly Sith alchemy and the Force power known as mechu-deru. Following Darzu's assassination, the holocron remained inside her stronghold on the planet Tython, serving as the final vestige of her power. Centuries later, the holocron of Belia Darzu was recovered by Darth Bane, a Sith Lord who sought the secrets to constructing such a device of his own.


"The capstone is key to the process. Without it the cognitive network will degrade before you complete your adjustments, and you will fail every time."
"How do I trap the cognitive network inside the capstone?"
"You must invoke the Rite of Commencement."
―The gatekeeper of Belia Darzu's holocron teaching Darth Bane[src]

Created by the female Shi'ido Dark Lord of the Sith known as Belia Darzu, the holocron was a four-sided device that was shaped in the form of a pyramid. The holocron contained a crystal matrix capable of storing large amounts of information, among which included Darzu's philosophical views on the Force,[1] as well as her knowledge of Sith alchemy and the dark side technique known as mechu-deru.[3] In addition, it held instructions regarding the construction of a holocron, detailing the entire process—including the elaborate Rite of Commencement—while showing cutaway images of such a device. Upon activation, the holocron projected an avatar of Lord Darzu to serve as its gatekeeper, mimicking her physical appearance and her inborn ability to shape-shift.[1]


"Many also believe that before her death she discovered the secret of creating Sith Holocrons."
―Hetton, regarding the Dark Lord Belia Darzu[src]

Lord Darzu recorded her alchemical knowledge in the Sith holocron.

In 1250 BBY during the last quarter of the New Sith Wars, a Sith Lord called Belia Darzu led the revived Sith empire in a period known as the Sictis Wars.[5] At some point before the end of 1230 BBY,[2] Lord Darzu constructed a Sith holocron; within this device, Darzu would record her philosophical outlook on the Force and knowledge of the dark side arts, along with comprehensive instructions on the creation of a holocron.[1]

The holocron was kept in the underground inner sanctum of Darzu's fortress on the planet Tython, remaining there following her assassination in 1230 BBY.[1][6] By this point, the holocron had been imbued with the power of the dark side, becoming the last surviving vestige of its creator. The dark side energy radiating from the device spread throughout Lord Darzu's fortress, attracting the remnants of her technobeast army and prompting them to congregate around it.[1]

In 990 BBY, the holocron of Belia Darzu was located by Darth Bane, a survivor of the New Sith Wars who sought the secrets to creating a holocron of his own. After infiltrating Darzu's fortress and fighting off a horde of leftover technobeasts, Bane retrieved the holocron and scoured its contents while interacting with device's gatekeeper. The holocron was later briefly given to Darovit, a Human male who kept the device hidden during a heated lightsaber duel inside the fortress. By the end of the fight, the apprentice of Bane—Darth Zannah—recovered the holocron of Lord Darzu before journeying to the planet Ambria.[1]

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In 2007, the holocron of Belia Darzu was first depicted in Darth Bane: Rule of Two, the second novel of Drew Karpyshyn's Darth Bane Trilogy.[1] The holocron later received its own entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008.[7]



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