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The Hologlide J57 cam droid was a fifth-degree cam droid produced by Industrial Automaton.


A Hologlide J57 cam droid.

The Hologlide was a small, relatively simple droid equipped with repulsorlifts and recording devices, such as holocams. Their recording capabilities typically extended up to a distance of several kilometers. These relatively inexpensive droids were used to record news, sports and entertainment events, as well as for scouting or security purposes. For these reasons, this particular model of droid was a common sight throughout much of the galaxy, including the more remote areas of space.

For instance, in the Outer Rim Territories during the time of the Galactic Republic, the Hologlide J57 was commonly used to record Podraces . Cam droids would be strategically placed around a Podrace course, and transmit their recordings in real-time to the grandstand control booth and portable viewscreens carried by spectators. The most prominent use of these droids for recording and transmitting Podracing events use was at the Boonta Eve Classic.

In addition to legal activity, these droids were also ideal for espionage because their widespread use allowed them to blend into most environments without drawing unwanted attention. Despite most cam droids being simple devices without independent thought, some were highly intelligent and autonomous.



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