"It's been a very tough first quarter for us. We do get attendants, but they're mostly all from local space. No one seems to want to travel far from home these days. I'm confident, though, that the mid-year will be good to us, what with the kids out of school and wanting things to do."
Graekus Shubelle on Hologram Fun World[src]

Hologram Fun World, often abbreviated to HFW, was an amusement park space station located near the Zabian system and Koaan. Held in a transparent dome 40 kilometers in diameter, it floated in a cloud of blue helium.


Hologram Fun World

Hologram Fun World was located in a helium gas cloud near the Zabian system.[1]

Hologram Fun World's numerous attractions were variations on the use of holograms to create illusory surroundings, simulating exotic locations or exciting situations. Some of the many attractions on the planet included the Joy Domes and the Anywhere Room, the most popular of HFW's features. It also had a jewelry store and a church.


In the first quarter of 22 BBY, a recession in the galactic tourism industry caused a brief plunge in admissions. Queue lines for the Anywhere Room, which once held thousands of tourists, were reduced to, at some points, less than four hundred. This fluctuation was apparently due to a general unwillingness of vacationers to travel long distances. Since the vast majority of HFW's clients came from beyond the Core Worlds, this caused a huge dip in profits. Income rose once again, though, with the coming of the mid-year and the leveling-out of the industry.

In 0 ABY, HFW was the secret site of one of the Galactic Empire's Project Starscream experiments. This part of the project produced a device called the "Nightmare Machine." Two young refugees from Alderaan, Zak and Tash Arranda, together with their adoptive "uncle," Mammon Hoole, disrupted the experiment.

Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo had once planned on getting married there.


Hologram Fun World's central operations were controlled from a section of the station called the Adminidome. The bureaucracy included the Document Bureau. At the time of the Battle of Geonosis, the park was managed by Baron Administrator Graekus Shubelle, and later, during Galactic Civil War, by Danna Fajji. Lando Calrissian invested briefly in the park after the Battle of Endor, before selling it and, taking inspiration from it, founded SkyCenter Galleria.

Behind the scenes[]

Hologram Fun World first appeared in the book Queen of the Empire released in 1993, and was written by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids, with their cover artist being Drew Struzan. Hologram Fun World then appeared in the Galaxy of Fear series, Prophets of the Dark Side and Young Jedi Knights: Trouble on Cloud City.



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