Holographic Zoo for Extinct Animals

Hallway of the Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals in 37 BBY

"…built during the days of the Old Republic…it appears rather dated and rough at the edges…"
Pollux Hax[src]

The Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals was a museum on Coruscant that showed holographic dioramas of extinct creatures hunting, feeding and fighting in their natural habitat. The most popular animals among visitors were the krabbex of Mon Calamari[1], the snow falcons of Rhinnal, the manticore, the singing trees of Pil Diller, and the mantabog of Malastare.

There was a change of ownership following the Clone Wars that made the zoo a pumped-up, sensationalist approach to attract a larger crowd. It featured blinking stars and a narrator that said, 'You will experience forgotten wonders from a long time ago and far, far away!'

Following the destruction of Alderaan, many of its creatures were displayed in the zoo. These included many species of Alderaanian thranta, such as the great and pilotta varieties. Holograms of the Alderaan furry moth and stalking birds existed as well.



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