"The Emperor commands you to make contact with him."
"Move the ship out of the asteroid field, so we can send a clear transmission."
Admiral Piett, speaking with Lord Vader[2]

This holoprojection chamber was located on board the Executor adjacent to Darth Vader's meditation chamber. The chamber contained a HoloNet transceiver[3] projection pod with which Darth Vader communicated with The Emperor via a secret frequency.[4]

Commanding Admiral Firmus Piett to move the Executor out of the Hoth asteroid field, Vader retired to his private chambers until the ship was clear. Stepping down from his meditation chamber, Vader strode down a short flight of stairs towards the hologram projection pod where he knelt down on his left knee to hear his master's bidding. His master then informed him of Luke Skywalker's growing Force potential, and thus the growing threat he represents to their plans. Vader suggested turning him to the dark side.[2] He later utilized the chamber shortly after his failed capture of Luke Skywalker, just after intercepting a transmission from a suspected location of the Rebel fleet.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

In the game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, the ending of the levels Revenge of Yavin, Defiance on Dantooine, Defenders of Ralltiir, Extraction from Ralltiir, Raid at Bakura, Relics of Geonosis, and Fondor Shipyard Assault had Darth Vader communicating with Palpatine via a similar chamber to the one onboard the Executor, although it is left ambiguous as to whether it was intended to be the same holoprojection chamber or not.[6]


Counsel of the Sith TCG by Villeneuve

Vader in conversation with his master in the holoprojection chamber


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