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A hologram projection pod

A holoprojector—also known as a holo-projector, holojector, hologram projector, holograph projector,[1] holoproj, and 'proj[2]—was a device that could record, transmit and receive hologram images. Traditionally, these images were used for communication, but some holoprojectors were also designed as tools for entertainment and academic purposes. Most astromech droids were outfitted with a holoprojector.

Holoprojectors projected an organized arrangement of light to create a 3-D replica of the subject. These holograms were used for communication, information displays, and entertainment. Most holoprojectors were equipped with sound so that the user could hear the subject talk in perfect sync.


Holoprojector negwt

A CS-Mark 12 holoprojector

Holoprojectors could project real-time or pre-recorded three-dimensional images, which could even be transferred through a comlink connection.[3] Sound capability typically doubled the cost of a handheld holoprojector. The device had a limited storage capacity, but this could be expanded by connecting it to a holorecorder. A personal holoprojector weighed roughly 0.5 kilograms, and from 32 BBY to 8 ABY, it cost around 1,000 credits.

The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic maintained a large holoprojector in his office in the Republic Executive Building, from which he could view reports from Senators, Republic agents and Jedi across the galaxy. Succeeding galactic governments, from the Galactic Empire to the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, made use of holoprojectors. In particular, the Alliance to Restore the Republic used these projectors to view holographic recordings that were produced by cameras installed on their starfighters. They would study these recordings for tactical purposes.

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Notable modelsEdit

Jedi Temple Tython holoprojectors-Full

Holoprojectors in the Jedi Temple on Tython


Namman Cha SWGTCG by Chris Dien

Namman Cha using a holoprojector


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