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"Springbuck, bring up the holotank."
―Rae Sloane order the holotank brought up for Emarr Ottkreg[src]

A holotank was a holographic projection used on a starship's deck to give a vessel's captain an overview of entire space battles. During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers were equipped with holotanks; however, captains who regularly used them were labeled "holotank commanders". This resulted in Admiral Rae Sloane of the Star Destroyer Vigilance rarely using her holotank. During the Battle of Endor she ordered her crew member Springbuck to bring up her vessel's holotank so that Imperial loyalty officer Emarr Ottkreg had something to view the battle on. She then made some use of the hologram herself while giving orders during the remainder of the battle, which ended in the Empire's defeat.[1]

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A holotank first appeared in the short story "The Levers of Power", which was written by Jason Fry and published in the anthology book The Rise of the Empire in 2015.



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