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The Holy Rebellion of '06 was a conflict that occurred around the time of the fall of the Republica Galactica and the establishment of the First Galactic Empire.

The Black Knights of the Sith, a mercenary band, hunted down and nearly destroyed the Jedi Bendu of Ashla, the defenders of the old Republica. The Sith, originally pirates, had been taught the powers of the Bogan by a fallen Jedi named Darklighter. The Sith became the Imperial bodyguard and grew to dominate the Empire.

Kane Starkiller was one of the last Jedi survivors of the rebellion.

Behind the scenesEdit

This account, the first mention of the events which became the Jedi Purge in the films, was part of the second draft to the original film. It was later simplified and the "Holy Rebellion" was eliminated.


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