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"At this very moment, I, my staff, and my crew are imprisoned within the planetary shield of Coruscant. We are being hounded by a battle cruiser of the Coruscant Home Fleet. We want nothing but to return to our homeworld-but Princess Leia stands in our way, denying us the freedoms to which she so glibly gives lip service."
Nil Spaar, manipulating the New Republic Senate during the Black Fleet Crisis[src]

The Home Guard Fleet, also known as the Coruscant Home Fleet or simply Coruscant Fleet, was a fleet that saw service with the New Republic Defense Force. It was tasked with protecting the New Republic Provisional Council and its headquarters, the world Coruscant.[1]


During the Siege of Coruscant, it was under the command of Admiral Hiram Drayson.

During the Almanian Uprising, Dark Jedi Kueller planned to destroy the Coruscant Fleet using bombs hidden into droids slated for service aboard the fleet. However the droids were stolen by pirates and detonated in Smuggler's Run.[2][3]

The Quenfis was attached to this fleet.[1]



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