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"She's so beautiful. I never thought I'd see her again."
―Meorti, upon returning to Home One[src]

Home One, also known as Headquarters Frigate, was a modified MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruiser of the Alliance Fleet, famous for its role as Admiral Gial Ackbar's flagship during the decisive battle fought at Endor.


Home One was originally constructed as a civilian deep space explorer but later retrofitted for military service. It featured heavy hull plating and triple-strength shields, along with twenty hangars for bearing other warships and starfighter squadrons.[1] It was 1,300 meters long, slightly larger than the the standard length of an MC80 Star Cruiser. It was initially armed with turbolaser cannons, ion cannons, and several tractor beam projectors.[3] It was the largest and most advanced ship in the Alliance Fleet.[1] The ship's briefing room was originally a holographic amphitheater.[15]


Rebel serviceEdit

"Home One, this is Gold Leader."
Lando Calrissian, during the Battle of Endor[src]
Hangar Bay-AoR

One of Home One's large hangars

In 2 BBY, Home One was present during the first official gathering of the Rebel Alliance above the planet Dantooine.[7]

Home One served as a mobile command center after the Empire discovered and destroyed the main Alliance headquarters on Hoth. It was also the command ship where Mon Mothma, Crix Madine, Admiral Ackbar and a host of other important Alliance officials briefed members of the Rebellion on the upcoming battle on and over Endor. After Mon Mothma pointed out the strike force's primary objectives and following the departure of General Han Solo's land-based Pathfinder commandos, the ship jumped into hyperspace and arrived in the Endor system[5] after utilizing the secret hyperspace route known as the Sanctuary Pipeline,[16] and immediately entered fierce space-combat during the Battle of Endor. It served as the lead ship and the command and control center for the attacking Rebel fleet against the second Death Star,[1] and was the flagship of Admiral Gial Ackbar,[5] earning it the moniker 'Headquarters Frigate.'[1]

New Republic ServiceEdit

In the months following Endor, the ship would still be undergoing final repairs from the climactic battle, while newly appointed Fleet Admiral Ackbar would designate the ship as his command vessel, and practice hand-to-hand combat in its holographic chamber to keep his reflexes sharp. In addition, he would order the deployment of members of New Republic SpecForces in a sub-orbital drop onto the planet Akiva after receiving momentary contact with downed pilot Wedge Antilles and a brief meeting with New Republic leadership. The members of the operation, unbeknownst to Ackbar, would play an important part in disrupting the Imperial Future Council.[11]


Home One precedes the Rebel fleet into battle.

Later, Admiral Ackbar used the Home One as his command ship during the successful New Republic campaign to capture the planet Kuat and the important Kuat Drive Yards. Ackbar later corresponded with Princess Leia Organa, Commodore Kyrsta Agate, and Chancellor Mon Mothma as they received a peace offer from Grand Admiral Rae Sloane. The Home One later took part in a brief space battle with Imperial Star Destroyers above Kashyyyk. The cruiser also accepted the surrender of the Star Destroyer Neutralizer.[9]

Home One would go on to participate in the Battle of Jakku, still under the command of Admiral Ackbar. During the battle, Home One served as the New Republic fleet's command ship. From the Home One, Admiral Ackbar coordinated the battle with other New Republic commanders including Commodore Kyrsta Agate, General Tyben, and Lieutenant General Brockway. The Home One along with Agate's Starhawk-class battleship Concord took part in the assault on the Imperial Star Destroyers enveloping the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Ravager; which served as the Imperial command ship. From the bridge of the Home One, Ackbar watched as the Concord used its powerful tractor beam projector to drag the Ravager to Jakku's surface. This turned the tide of the battle decisively in the New Republic's favor; leading to the Empire's capitulation and the Galactic Concordance which ended the Galactic Civil War.[10]

Resistance serviceEdit

The Home One later belonged to the Resistance under General Leia Organa. Commander Poe Dameron was assigned his first big mission on Home One.[12]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Home One first appeared as the Rebel Alliance's command ship in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The starship also appeared in several Legends literature and media including Timothy Zahn's The Last Command, Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston's X-Wing novels, Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics, and the computer game Star Wars: Empire at War. Following the 2014 Canon reboot, Home One appeared in several Canon literature and media including Chuck Wendig's Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy and the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Secret Cargo". In addition, the starship has also appeared in the non-Canon LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures animated series.


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