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"Home One" is the first of five animated short videos released on May 4, 2017 to promote the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[5]It was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[1] On June 17, "Home One" and the other four short videos were released in an omnibus episode called "A New Home" that was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[6]

Official description[]

The Freemakers prove their worth to the Rebellion with Kordi's amazing bartering skills.[1]

Plot summary[]

The video opens with the StarScavenger flying towards the MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruiser Home One, the flagship of the Alliance Fleet. Rowan Freemaker is ecstatic about joining the Rebel Alliance. Kordi adds that they now don't have to scrounge for anything. Zander wishes he could fly one of the rebel starfighters. Roger hopes that they have a cafeteria because he is looking forward to someone else cooking for a change.

The Freemakers disembark from the Star Scavenger in Home One's hangar. They are greeted by Admiral Ackbar and several rebels. Ackbar tells them that the rebels had intercepted the Emperor's transmission ordering his forces to find the Freemakers. He decides he can do business with them. Admiral Ackbar asks Rowan what he did to antagonize the Emperor. Rowan recounts that he stole the Kyber Saber, the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, and threw it into a lava pit. This shocks Ackbar and the other rebels. Ackbar asks what else they do.

Kordi is about to tell him that they are scavengers when a U-wing crashes into the hangar. The pilot, a dark-skinned human woman named Lieutenant Valeria, exits the ship and chastises the ground crew for not fixing the steering. The ground crew member protests that he does not have a Type A vector coil and asks if anyone has one. The rebels are short on spare parts. Kordi volunteers to get a vector coil, and Rowan tells Admiral Ackbar that this is what they do. Kordi says that they need a tiny ignition switch, but the two crew say, "yeah, right." Admiral Ackbar promises to give the Freemakers a permanent job with the Rebel Alliance if they can get the rebels a Type A vector coil.

The StarScavenger departs into space. Once aboard, Roger tells the other Freemakers that U-wing parts are hard to find and that Type A coils are impossible to procure. Zander asks how they are going to get one without an ignition switch, and Rowan tells them to leave it to Kordi, who smiles. The Freemakers travel to Cloud City, where she convinces a pair of Ugnaughts to barter their switch for a comlink degausser. Later on a desert planet, Kordi convinces a CZ-series secretary/business communications droid to exchange the comlink gasser for an ion projector. The Freemakers then travel to Takodana, where a Rodian trades the ion projector for one Type Two power cell. When Rowan protests that the merchant is ripping them off, the merchant brings in his heavy muscle, the bounty hunter Grummgar. Kordi tries to reason with Grummgar, but he is unmoved, and she decides to take the power cell.

On Kashyyyk, the Freemakers stumble into the middle of a battle between the Wookiees and Trandoshans. An Auzituck anti-slaver gunship is pursuing two Trandoshans. Kordi gets a pair of Wookiees to swap their repulsor disc for a power cell. Roger's head pleads with the Wookiees, and the deal goes through. On Tatooine, Kordi tries to barter the repulsor disc to a band of Jawas for two Type-A vector coils. In the background, Rowan, Zander, and Roger are caught in the tentacles of a sarlacc. Kordi manages to swap the repulsor disc for one Type A vector cell. Zander installs the Type A vector coil in Valerian's U-wing, allowing her to take on the Empire. After Valeria takes off, Ackbar tells Kordi that the Freemakers are hired but that the rebels need many more spare parts, including stabilizers and deflector shields.


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