The Home Planet Party was a political party that was founded by the year 45 BBY on the planet Bandomeer. Its goals were to replant fields on the planet and gain control of Bandomeer's resources from the off-world corporations that controlled them. Founded by the Meerian VeerTa, the party controlled the Home Planet Mine near the capital city of Bandor. VeerTa was arrested after it was discovered that she had betrayed the group by secretly partnering with Xanatos, a member of the Offworld Mining Corporation, who used her in his plot to attempt to kill his former Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.


The Home Planet Party was formed as a political party on Bandomeer, a world covered in mines, by 45 BBY, and was founded by native Meerian patriot VeerTa. In order to achieve their goals of improving Bandomeer, the party first focused on ending the dependence on off-worlders for financial help. Seeking to accomplish this, the Home Planet Party, under the leadership of VeerTa, went into partnership with the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation in order to create a mine of their own that was not controlled by off-world corporations, such as the Offworld Mining Corporation.[1]

In 45 BBY, VeerTa, along with Governor SonTag, Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation member Clat'Ha, and Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, met with Offworld Corporation's representative Xanatos, who was also Jinn's former Jedi Padawan. During the meeting, Xanatos offered ten percent of Offworld's profits to help the reclamation efforts of the Home Planet Party in order to persuade them that Offworld, which had a tainted history, was sincere in wanting to be friends with the Home Planet Party. However, in the middle of the meeting, a gas explosion occurred at the Home Planet Mine, seriously damaging it and destroying the building where the meeting had been originally scheduled to take place. In the aftermath of the explosion, ionite, a rare material worth much more than the azurite initially mined at the facility, was found deep in the mine. The explosion also destroyed the stockpile of azurite that they had accumulated, leaving the mine bankrupt.[1]

Wanting the profit from the ionite despite their current bankruptcy, VeerTa diverted some of the funds that Xanatos soon gave them to repair the mine to dig for the material. VeerTa, however, joined forces with Xanatos secretly, telling him about the ionite and covertly letting him control the Home Planet Mine; Xanatos then tricked VeerTa and used her to place ion bombs all over Bandomeer. VeerTa's betrayal was discovered after Jinn and the young Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi found that Xanatos was out to kill his former Master by destroying Bandomeer with Jinn still on-world, and stopped Xanatos's ion bombs from detonating, saving the planet.[1] VeerTa was later arrested after it was discovered that she helped Xanatos.[2]


The Home Planet Party's goals were to regrow fertile fields on Bandomeer once again,[1] in order to restore their planet to its original beauty,[2] and to regain control of the planet's resources, as most of it was owned by off-worlders. Founded by the patriot VeerTa, the group shared the Home Planet Mine with the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation.[1]

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The Home Planet Party first appeared in 1999's Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival, written by Jude Watson. The group later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.



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